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Cortec Corporation, the world leader in innovative corrosion protection solutions, offering hundreds of products and information.
EcoCortec, Beli Manastir, Croatia and Cortec Advanced Films, Cambridge, MN, specializing in manufacturing Cortec’s innovative VpCI® films and offering customers complete converting, extruding and printing capabilities.
At Cortec® Advanced Films we are continually improving and expanding our facilities, equipment, processes, and ourselves to meet our customers' needs and expectations for consistent high quality film and bags delivered on time.
Cortec® Coated Products is a manufacturer of coated specialty paper, board, and film products for the printing and packaging industry. Based out of Eau Claire, WI.
Cortec® Spray Technologies - Providing contract fill and private label aerosol and liquid fill capabilities for chemical suppliers to the electrical, electronic, industrial, maintenance, and repair industries. Based out of Spooner, WI.
Cortec® MCI - Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors™. A Revolutionary Way to Extend the Service Life of Concrete Structures. Simple...Sure...Safe.
A corrosion protection guide to VpCI® solutions for preservation, lay-up, and mothballing.
Bionetix International produces biological waste treatment products that are used in thousands of field applications worldwide.
Cortec's corrosion inhibiting additives enhance your water treatment product line with VpCI® products suitable for wet or dry lay-up of equipment. Cortec's revolutionary VpCI® technology is an environmentally safe alternative to traditional corrosion inhibitor formulations.
Spraying or dipping pipe and other tubulars with VpCI® provides fast and economical protection for exterior and interior surfaces. In addition, waterbased concentrates provide corrosion protection and lubricant action for hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized and aluminized steels, copper, aluminum, brass and other products.
Process systems have presented the greatest challenge to researchers in fighting the effects of corrosion — in economic loss and environmental safety. Cortec produces technology that offers highly efficient and economical protection for process industries.
Cortec® VpCI® technology represents a breakthrough solution in corrosion prevention. Our VpCI® products protect metals with a chemically adsorbed molecular layer that provides multimetal corrosion protection. The coverage is complete for all surfaces, including crevices, cavities and other inaccessible void areas receive total protection.
War Readiness is a Key Factor now being taken into consideration, and Cortec® has the solutions needed that fit easily into existing application systems that will reduce costs of protection with more efficient and economical solutions. Cortec® can extend asset life and enhance war readiness.M
Cortec® offers a complete full-service line of products in convenient-to-use sizes. Cortec® products are an excellent quality assurance tool for everything from major manufacturers of electronics to do-it-yourself home-built kits. Corrosion can be stopped at any step from manufacturing to final installation. Integrate all your electronic/electrical protection needs from a single source supplier.
Cortec® Corporation has offered environmentally responsible packaging and materials protection technologies for over 25 years. We are proud to introduce our two families of high performance, certified biodegradable packaging technologies—Eco Film and Eco Works.
Cortec® Bull-Frog, is the complete consumer rust & corrosion protection solution
Cortec® Spray Technology manufactures aerosol products for commercial & consumer uses. Rawn America® is a registered trade mark of Cortec Corporation.
CorteCros Co. Ltd. was founded in 1998 as a joint venture between Crosco, Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co. Ltd., a member of INA Group and Cortec Corporation.
The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) is a non-profit trade organization representing hundreds of water treatment companies throughout the world.
NACE International provides industry and government with publications, training and certification programs, conferences, and standards and reports relating to the prevention and control of materials corrosion.
Chemidex® Cybrary ™ - the ultimate source of formulating information. The Chemidex Cybrary accelerates the exchange of technical information between chemical suppliers and formulated-product manufacturers.'s aim is to provide high quality technical information related to corrosion. Their goal is to educate, enrich and interact, and bring together the worldwide corrosion community.
The DoD Corrosion Exchange is the heart of a state-of-the-art Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPC) information management and distribution e-portal.

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